Why is that happening?

The word IMAGE is appearing above the headline on posts with an image. Do any of my fellow WP bloggers know why that is happening?

9 responses to “Why is that happening?

  1. It’s NOT on the Barney Frank Post


  2. Can’t see anything – check your widgets!


  3. It shows for me as well on your blog but I can’t replicate it on my actual wordpress.com blog.


  4. I think I figured it out. Some the the newly updated themes automatically switch a post’s “type” to Image if it just has an image in it or and image and only a very small amount of text.



    • I suspected something like that so I went in and added a line of text to the Barney Frank post, but the word still popped up.. . Thanks for the forum link.


  5. For anyone having this problem, I got this from the forum jonolan pointed to:

    “My Format is normally set to “Standard” but these particular posts were all set to “Image”. I find it interesting that when Notawoodpecker asked about my Format two days ago and I checked, it was set to Standard… Anyway, I was able to click on Standard, Update the post, and the word, “Image”, disappeared from the title.”

    I just tried it and it worked for me too.

    Obviously this is a new quirk . . . not only is it happening in new posts with no text, but it’s suddenly appeared on older ones, where it wasn’t before.

    Looks like it’ll have to be a post by post fix. The guy with the problem at the forum ran into it in December but it only started happening here a few days ago. Ahhh, deep are the mysteries of WordPress.


  6. software UPGRADES can upset things …..


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