and thus they reach perfection . . .

See, there is justice.

6 responses to “and thus they reach perfection . . .

  1. Why do we need two senators per state.
    Here’s a “hard decision” waiting to be made for tough cost savings: Can we go to one senator per state?
    I’ll bet if we all put our shoulders to the wheel we could do it.
    I can’t think of a single reason we need two senators per state.
    One senator per state would provide the same balance the founders intended.


  2. Currently that is a dream that I cherish. It;s o much cleaner than the appropriate right action of exterminating the current majority in the Senate…and, if Americans, have to kill off the current crop of Republicans too, that;s acceptable collateral losses.

    Whatever it takes , without limits.


    • Thanks, jonolaan.
      After all, how many of us can even name both senators from our state?


      • And then there are those of us Jim who can name all the supremes and the whole cabinet. But that’s because we don’t otherwise have a life!

        And why not just one Senator . .. makes perfect sense.


  3. So what do we do. Guess we need an amendment to the Constitution.
    Know any good constitutional lawyers?


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