Fuck: Definitely the word of the week(end)

My  previous post urged one Mr. Mike Huckabee to go and, as is said, ‘fuck himself’.

I did briefly wonder if I had taken my headline a step too far. I hadn’t. Approximately 68% of commentary on Friday’s shootings and 100% of commentary on Huckabee’s comments in particular now includes the word fuck.

So – not too far. Whew.

5 responses to “Fuck: Definitely the word of the week(end)

  1. IT CAN be Liberating, eh?


  2. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    One of my favorite utility words of all time! It’s so right for so many occasions-fuck yeah!


  3. Fuck: think of all the different ways the word can be used…


  4. I thought your post was mild, Moe, compared to some I saw this weekend. But using the f-word in two consecutive blog post titles–now that’s a different story 😉


    • ojmo – it was indeed the use in the title of that post that was a step up for me. In the body text I delight in using – as our friends above said – this most useful of words


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