Please no. (updated)

richard engle
UPDATE: Engle and his team were indeed captured and held for five days. They were released this morning. Their captors were apparently Assad loyalists.

8 responses to “Please no. (updated)

  1. Mollie and I have often marveled at Richard Engel’s tenacity and survival skills. We are hoping for the best here. He is one of journalism’s best.


  2. He’s from LI New York and he does the war corespondent thing HARD….
    Hopefully he’s ok……


  3. This doesn’t sound good. I hope Engle and Akyavas are safely accounted for soon.


  4. Shepard Sherbell

    hazardous job.


  5. Oh Lord. Good luck Richard!


  6. Update…..Engel and his two support guys are safe…They walked away from their captors while they where busy in a fire fight….


  7. Good to hear. Thanks for the update.


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