It’s my fault. Romney took my advice

Friend Gina just reminded me of what I said Romney needed to do in his convention speech if he wanted to appeal to a broader base. Since he’d already won the nomination, that acceptance speech should come from a guy who’s going to actually be running in the general election. He didn’t take my advice then, but by Wednesday night he’d listened to this mama and he did as he was told. Full post here. Summary:

He’s a technocrat, a strategizer, an analyst and he’s been very very successful where those qualities have mattered.

He shouldn’t hide from it. He should acknowledge – publicly – who he isn’t.

But whatever way he goes, he’ll still be a weak candidate unless he actually presents a vision that goes beyond the bumper sticker talking points.

I think that’s what he did the other night.

Dishonestly for sure, lying openly for sure, cavalier to the extreme, but he knew that millions of viewers were taking their first good look at him as a candidate – and what he said is what they’ll remember.

5 responses to “It’s my fault. Romney took my advice

  1. Your post is very, very on point. Mitt was full of it, but he knew how to sell it very well. He was relying on the fact that many in the viewing audience wouldn’t know better, and he was right. But I think that debate will be the first AND last time he overwhelms the president in a debate. Here’s hoping, anyway…


    • Hey Chris, welcome and thanks for the ABOUT comment too. I visited your place and find it FUNNY, something that is so welcome at any time. I’ll be back there and hope you will be back here.

      As for the debates – someone said at least Obama will be going into the next one as a sort of underdog and that could help a lot. I don’t see Romney topping his own performance, especially not after the flurry of fact checking that will have happened by then.


  2. Yeah, as I see it Romney has had his one good debate performance and Obama should be owning the remaining face-offs. Glad you stopped by my blog, and yes, I will definitely be back to yours again!


  3. He still needed to wipe the smirk off his face.
    It reminded everybody of W.


  4. Well, there you have it. Leftists think that Romney is “full of it” but sold it well but nigh on everyone knows that Obama is “full of it” too and even the Leftists admit that he can’t sell it anymore.


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