That $2billion JP Morgan Chase loss?

It’s now $6billion and climbing. Someone tell FOX Business.

8 responses to “That $2billion JP Morgan Chase loss?

  1. for JPC, still a mere bag o’ shells.


    • Yup – but I’m remembering the right wing noise machine saying it was nothing – and wondering where the line is.

      Anyway, you and I know that the scandal wasn’t the $$’s, it was the behavior – especially after the crash!


  2. It will go higher


  3. I’m sure I could run these funds half as incompetently at 1% of the salary. Too bad I didn’t go to a fancy Ivy League business school.


  4. Ms. Holland ,

    This is capitalism . You screw up, you lose .


  5. Ms. Holland ,
    Capitalism is gambling. As long as the taxpayer does not bail you out, it is nobody’s business . News flash, JP Morgan is not being bailed out . Only the evil rich got hurt . You should love that .


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