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That $2billion JP Morgan Chase loss?

It’s now $6billion and climbing. Someone tell FOX Business.

Wikileaks – why?

When Wikileaks published all that Iraq war info, I was pretty much okay with it. The war was a negative undertaking and, I think, criminal. So yeah, leak away.

But this one? Sorry Julian, I do not get it. A quarter million documents in which individuals gossip a bit, let a little candor show, express personal likes and dislikes – what exactly is achieved besides making it hard for people to talk to one another? Bad move. I haven’t seen anyone out there embracing what they did this time. At least not anyone whose voice is heard.

But, via to Little Green Footballs, there’s another one about to hit. And this time I could be aboard:

(Reuters) – The founder of whistle-blower website WikiLeaks plans to release tens of thousands of internal documents from a major U.S. bank early next year, Forbes Magazine reported on Monday.