God not dead*. Time Magazine however . . .

Jon Stewart gave Time what they really were asking for – with a touch of Daily Show photoshopping (close your eyes and remove the chair . . .)

* Google “Time magazine god is dead”


6 responses to “God not dead*. Time Magazine however . . .

  1. Are you referencing the old 1966 cover that sparked a lot brouhaha?


  2. Yup. Both covers were about selling mags, but this one misses – total FAIL, not least of all becvause it makes many people uncomfortable. But to me it’s just an absurd continuation of the ‘what’s the latest best kind of mommy’ meme. Sick of it.

    Stewart gave this a brilliant take down. Seen it?


  3. Gaaaaaah! Every time I see that cover, I want to claw my eyes out. Call me intolerant, but the whole idea of breastfeeding grosses me out.


  4. Seen the Africa, Mideast, Europe and Asia version?

    A bit different.


    • mac, have you seen the last few years of those four covers compared? It’s shameful actually – goes a long way to explaining why we are who we are and what we have become. And Time, along with the rest of the featherwieght MSM, can take a deep bow.

      I’m surprised by the way to see them put the four editions side by side on their own site. In the past I’ve had to go looking for them, but came up with a few – here’s one with some links to others. Makesme crazy.


    • Also, thanks for the link – makes it easier!


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