Why I’m so proud to be a Floridian

They don’t even bother to hide what they’re doing anymore. They’re for sale to whoever comes up with the check. Gimme the money, I’ll pass you a nice new law. More here.

7 responses to “Why I’m so proud to be a Floridian

  1. Oh, Moe, I’m sure it’s just coincidence. Pure coincidence. There is no money involved in this at all. Not a penny.


  2. I think Elyse is right. It’s not like he’s been caught before. Oh, wait a minute…


  3. Isn’t special interest actually any group that is against what one wants … but a group for it is not?


  4. Are you suggesting the money has anything to do with the issue? For shame! Our governor would never do anything like that…just look at his past record.


  5. Is the threat of extensive fraud in the auto insurance system kind of like all those malpractice lawsuits ruining the health care system?


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