Something terrible has happened

In this country we’ve grown all too accustomed to it. A man or a boy opens fire and kills multiple innocents. And we never know why.

That happened this morning In Afghanistan. An American soldier has done it.

That is all I know. I am shaking with shock and with fear that this event, this single mad act of perhaps a mad person, could change everything. I am terrified that in a part of the world where our position is increasingly fragile, this could precipitate even more terrible things.

18 responses to “Something terrible has happened

  1. What this should precipitate is us emulating Alex the Great, the British, the USSR and getting the hell out of there. Had Bush the Junior bothered reading a history book he would have known that Afghanistan has been the graveyard of conquerors for a thousand years and more. To think that America would fair any better is the height of arrogance.

    It is too early to know for sure what prompted this attack, but it could be surmised that our service people have reached a breaking point. Endless deployments and re-deployments with no end in sight could push a saint over the edge.

    If the warmongers in this country desire to prolong the fight, then let them arm themselves and take a crack at it – but first, bring our troops home.

    And before the warmongers push for a new war, then re-instate the draft so that all Americans have a stake in the game. I say “game” because that is how I feel many Americans view this war stuff.


    • JR, whether this is a soldier pushed over the edge or someone who could have snapped in Hartford one day, it won’t matter to the Afghans or the rest of the world. They think we’re invading imperialists abroad and gun crazzy at home.. There’s no way this isn’t a blow to us.

      Makes me INSANE how the right ignores that Bush lost this war long before it was Obama’s.


    • UPDATE: This soldier – 4 deployments. He spent more time in a war zone than he did at home.

      Suicide rates are up in our military.

      That is the blow to us!


      • Well now it’s even more tragic. So we did that to our own soldier, damn. Four deployments is asking too much.


        • JR has it right. This poor kid has been in war when he should have been on a ball field. We are ruining our young people.


      • By the way JR, I meant to add to my reply that I agree with you 100% about the draft. Our military is becoming a culture apart and I don’t care when the pro’s say it’s more efficient. I guess that’s okay for a killing machine, but not for a national defense that should be a shared obligation.


  2. the opposition to US in that country has succeeded in a way NO gun or bomb could…..
    look for the US to begin withdrawing ….
    there is a lost of trust ……..
    this country should heed the warning in any future trys in nation building….


    • Every word you say is true james . . . let us add that we continue to ignore the lessons of history.. We’ll probably do this again. Listen to the GOP calling for more war and bombs – Syria! Iran! It just goes on and on.


  3. President Obama said that Afghanistan was the right war. This was the war he wanted. This was the war he was going to win . So what happened ? How quickly you guys forget the words of your hero. This all goes back to the surge. He did it half hearted and he announced when he would withdraw. The President has wasted 3 years.

    When President Bush did the Iraq surge, it worked.


  4. At this point, I think Bush’s biggest failure was in letting the Afghan mission become nation building on a broad scale. The main job should have been cleaning out terrorists and leaving soon thereafter.


    • I hear more and more former officers saying that we accompliished our mission there by 2003 (getting the Taliban out even tho we didn’t get bin Laden who wasn’t there any more anyway and we knew it) and should have left.


  5. And I’ve heard a vets organization say that on top of everything else, the PTSD claims of many soldiers are being denied medical coverage. This is just a disaster on every level.


  6. Bruce,

    Just cleaning out terrorists is the same as cleaning out roaches, I grew up with roaches so I know this, as soon as you stop spraying they are back.


  7. Alan,

    So by implication, we have to establish a permanent presence in ever nation that has harbored terrorists, or maybe even might do so?

    Early on, I supported the ‘War on Terror’ concept, but now it seems to me that it implies an every widening, bankruptingly expensive, and likely unwinnable war. In addition, the front is at home as well as abroad implying an executive branch that has and will continue to claim new and increased power to deal with the threat. The latter is hardly a conservative objective. Don’t forget too that those new powers will be wielded by non-conservative presidents (such as Obama).

    I don’t think we can prevent every terrorist attack and ultimately we put our society at risk in trying to.

    That doesn’t mean we just hunker down within our border and wait to be hit, but I think we need to have limited clear objectives for our military with a way to end the engagement. It wouldn’t hurt to recognize that our military presence is welcome everywhere either, even if we think we’re exceptional.

    I think Afghanistan started well, but it and the war on terror ultimately suffered from mission creep that has not served us well.

    Events of the last few weeks show what happens when stay in nation you’re not welcome in for too long.


  8. Bruce,
    We can agree that Afghanistan is a mess. Maybe it can’t be anything else. The plan was to prevent the roaches from moving back in when we leave. You try to do that by leaving a stable government. Now that looks unachievable.

    What you absolutely do not do is surge and then at the same time say that by such and such a time you are pulling out. You should not even bother to surge if you do that because the actions contradict one another .


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