It wasn’t us (updated below. Drat.)

There are dozens of excellent sources and charts available from very credible sources that reinforce the truth of the debt. Reagan and Bush II did the dirty. Clinton and Obama were left to clean up the ‘messes’.

This chart has been graphically sexed up, but the data is right out the US Treasury Dept. (h/t friend Ed)

UPDATE: Okay, this hurts. Links in the comment thread for this post, challenge this chart. The links are to Politifact and WaPo and taken together are persuasive that this info is not entirely honest. I think it is still very fair to say Reagan and Dubya were the worst offenders . . . while the challengers both put Obama at the top based on an assumption that the growth over the next five years will stay at the same rate as the last three. That assumption is, I think, preposterous and somewhat sullies their conclusions.

Nevertheless, I am eating a bit of crow here. And as much as it hurts, I’ve acknowledged as much in the comment thread to the man who provided the links – Alan Scott. How ’bout that.

15 responses to “It wasn’t us (updated below. Drat.)

  1. Actually, they all increased the debt. Clinton and Obama maybe did increased it less but they certainly didn’t clean up the mess.


    • Welcome partyantravels!

      Yes, you’re right. They all increased it. But there’s a staggering difference between 189% and 37% and between 115% and 16%.

      As Ed said, the chart doesn’t make any claims about Cinton or Obama ‘cleaning it up’. It’s all about trajectory.


    • Are those your own photos at your place? They’re just lovely.


  2. The graph SHOWS they all increased it. It doesn’t claim they cleaned it up, only did what they could in the time allowed.


  3. This is a partisan graph for a number of reasons, but I think we agree that the debt is a time bomb. We need a solution involving more revenue and reduced spending, including on defense.


    • What it doesn’t show bruce is where the debt stands at each of those points – that trajectory would likely only go up for each president after Reagan. It only shows the percentage each administration INCREASED the debt. Have I got that right?


  4. Ms. Holland ,

    I’m sorry, but I am having a hard time believing this graph . Do you know the origin of it, and are you satisfied as to it’s accuracy ? I can’t make the numbers work .


    • I’m sorry, but I am having a hard time believing this graph . Do you know the origin of it,

      They do it by saying Dubya started the wars, then any money ever spent by any President after is Dubya’s. Then they count a tax cut as a reason. All sorts of fun.


      • pino – the chart shows every one of them increasing the debt, and how can the percent increase be calculated other than on the level of debt the day they took office?

        As for the Bush increases, how are Iraq and tax cuts NOT why the debt jumped so sharply under Dubya? We borrowed money for Iraq and cut revenue with the tax cuts, which wiped out the ‘rainy day fund’ (on the books only, I know. Not real money.)


  5. I love it. But if I may, such graph requires to display if the spending was invested or wasted:


  6. Alan (and pino) – I’ve read your links and they are persuasive. I think the Politifact deconstruction has errors of its own (something they do often to both parties’ claims) but overall, plus the WaPo story, it looks like the Pelosi chart above is dishonest.

    What neither of them dispute though is that Reagan and Bush II had the highest percentage increases until Obama, and his are much higher than represented on the chart. But both Politifact and WaPo project Obama to have highest number – projecting today’s increases forward thru another five years! Which I think is preposterous. 2009-2011 are a continuing trajectory from ’01-’08.

    I shall update my own post and qualify the information. I’ll even add your links. How’s that!


  7. Good job, and happy friday!!! But you’re retired you don’t care! What am I thinking???


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