As he himself would say, “Bob Dole knows. Bob Dole remembers.”

National Review Online is going after Newt. There’s a devastating statement by former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole – and here (on the left) is the poll on their homepage. Bill Buckley, the late NR publisher, conservative deity and very definition of the elite Ivy League northeasterner of whom Newt is so contemptuous (actually I think he’s really jealous), would likely approve.

The piling on is getting serious now. Newt could yet win in Florida, but his time in the sun is running out.

From Dole’s statement:

. . . it is now time to take a stand before it is too late. If Gingrich is the nominee it will have an adverse impact on Republican candidates running for county, state, and federal offices. Hardly anyone who served with Newt in Congress has endorsed him and that fact speaks for itself.

. . . Gingrich [as] nominee could result in a landslide victory for Obama and a crushing defeat for Republicans from the courthouse to the White House.

13 responses to “As he himself would say, “Bob Dole knows. Bob Dole remembers.”

  1. I think that the wave resistence to Newt may just make him more attractive to the voters he attracks. He’s more the outsider depite being a former speaker of the house.

    No one excites me, but I’ll likely vote for Obama again. I don’t think we need an angery President, and that’s what Newts seems like he’d be.


    • Hi bruce – nice to see you.

      You’re right that the voters are angry and that’s what attracts voters to Newt. It’s very emotionally satisfying. But his act will wear thin. Very thin. He’s morally corrupt and won’t be able to hide behind the anger much longer.


  2. Hey Moe I just did a post on this….
    I didn’t know you did this…..

    bruce has a point….
    ever since Newt appeared to be on a roll everyone started throwing at him….
    More than Democrats….
    Republican’s Who KNOW Newt are scared s*#tless


  3. Thanks for the 411!


  4. No fear, but I’m sick of him. Too much Newt.


  5. He’s deflating…seems to have shrunk in the debate.


  6. Sorry Moe….
    I know how you feel about Wolf….
    But he DID stand UP to Newt last night…….


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