The clowns in Tallahassee just won’t stop with the stupid

Via today’s Herald Tribune, from the Orlando Sentinel, the Florida legislature is still playing their silly games and refusing to get serious.

Republican politicians . . . swept into office last fall promising ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’. . . but when the 2011 session started last month, all that changed. The first five weeks have been dominated by discussion of bills to regulate and restrict abortions . . . and broaden the rights of individuals to keep guns and wear them openly.

Also in Tallahassee:

A Republican was so offended by the use of the word ‘uterus’ in the chamber that it was banned after Rep. Randolph of Orlando suggested that his wife incorporate her uterus so the government would stop trying to regulate it. 

So Frank Cerabino, a columnist at Cox Newspapers writes of the ‘uterus rebvellion’ and says:where this leaves the word ‘prostate’ is unclear, but it’s fair to say that all medical terms for mommy parts – especially fallopian – are hereby placed on the naughty list until further notice.” Women, including Randolph’s wife have taken to social media. ‘Uterus’ now has a facebook page. The “Uterati’ are gathering. And they may form a “U-PAC’.  

Elvis save us all from these fools.

13 responses to “The clowns in Tallahassee just won’t stop with the stupid

  1. It takes a special kind of weirdo moron to threaten incorporating her uterus.

    It takes an even bigger moron to ban the word entirely.

    I mean, it’s science.

    It sounds like there are a lot of idiots on both sides of this one. 😉


    • Sean, the husband said it – as a bit of snark in the chamber and as a protest against all the damn abortion talk. Not like he or she actually did something – just some timely sarcasm. And speaking as a woman, I found it very very funny.


  2. When are we going to get beyond this stupd Victorian speak? And can we ban prostrate as well?


  3. Or maybe even “prostate”


  4. And all of this is relevant to jobs because ?


  5. And just think….EVERYONE one of them were ELECTED to their jobs!


  6. Ooops !

    Too many ones!


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  8. Ms. Holland ,

    ” Your ” bunch had uber control of both Houses of Congress for two years , destroyed jobs , ran up $ Trillions in new debt , and would not even pass a budget for 2011 . Who are the clowns ?


    • We’re talkiing about Florida Alan, not the USA. And in any case, the clowns indeed are those conservatives who always get their panties in a wad about lady things.


  9. Ms. Holland,

    And how long have these Republican ‘ clowns’ been in office ? At least they don’t have a big government chief executive stopping them like their Washington counterparts . When things get better, will you retract your words ?


    • These clowns have been in office a long long time and they’ve been doing this a long time. True that they don’t have a gov trying to get them to get back to doing the people’s business. He is apparently fine with them wasting my tax dollars on these decades long whines about abortion and guns. Screw the real business of the State apparently.


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