And so it begins . . .

This is the first Obama 2012 commercial from the campaign. It’s remarkably modest and low keyed. I think they intend it to contrast (favorably) with the Hollywood style, superhero, over the top Pawlenty ads. Here are both ads. (h/t Dave at The Conservative Lie

UPDATE: Oy! Sean tell us that the GOP is blocking embeds of their 2012 ad. Not auspicious for their chances in the second decade of the 21st Century.

UPDATE II: The GOP ad is no longer blocked. Embed away!

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  1. I think there are two things that really strike me about the new Obama ad:

    1. It completely ignores his record (3.25 million private sector jobs lost on his watch)
    2. Per the Democratic Party line, it includes every conceivable demographic group except working age white males (the college kid doesn’t count). Very telling…

    As for Pawlenty, I kind of liked the ad even though I think Pawlenty is weak and has about as much charisma as a wet noodle.

    Anyway, thanks very much for sharing.


    • Sean – I wouldn’t expect a candidate to advertise his failures. And any Democrat who doesn’t use the demographics is a fool.

      Did the white guy who was almost the anchor count or was he too old? (if so, another demographic essential.)

      This is an ad after all.


      • “Sean – I wouldn’t expect a candidate to advertise his failures.”
        That’s right, but you would expect him to advertise his successes. So far Obama’s biggest “success” is Obamacare, which is either popular or unpopular depending on how pollsters phrase their questions.

        “Did the white guy who was almost the anchor count or was he too old?”
        He fits in the retiree/baby boomer bucket. 😉

        “And any Democrat who doesn’t use the demographics is a fool.”
        Fair point. I just finding it scary that they are targeting their traditional base rather than focusing on winning more swing voters.

        Perhaps a sign that Obama is nervous about winning the Democratic nomination? I cannot imagine he should be, but you never know.


        • Another thing – you could see this in the ad, but I think they are very very serious about going after the youth vote that didn’t turn out in 2010.

          I also think it’s smart to appeal to the base – at this point in a campaign, I think you want to rev up that base for later on. Look for the Prez to pay a lot more attention to independants as time goes on. Especially after the conventions.


  2. Sean please check the video…..

    He’s only one person…..
    Change takes time….
    You don’t have to agree with everything he does….

    He mentions these three things…..

    You could always vote fro Newt or Bachmnan


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  4. I pretty much agree with everything Sean said . The Obama clip was surreal in it’s vagueness . Seemed like a pep talk for the choir . Pawlenty would be a good President , but too dull to be elected . Of course it also makes the left wing smear machine moot . Nobody will care about whether their mud sticks to him .

    I think if I were both camps I’d want my money back for each video . Pawlenty should just attack, attack, attack Obama on the economy . The Republican base , which is what you’re going after in the primaries wants passion like what it had in the last midterms . Obama’s actual record is a gold mine of opportunity .

    I think if I were Obama, I would try to rack up some kind of a positive record in the coming months . Which means going even farther right . The left will not abandon him no matter what he does . They will complain, but that’s it .

    If he wants to get the youth vote, good luck . They need jobs . Under the best case he cannot deliver enough . That only leaves more promises of government freebies. You kids deserve more free healthcare, you kids deserve more years of free college .


    • I agree with Alan. The GOPs best shot, unfortunately, is to go negative.

      Obama’s campaign was successful because he was vague on his policies, could blame Bush for the economic downturn, and is one hell of an orator.


  5. What strikes me about the Pawlenty ad is that it’s 100% devoid of content beyond a mindless rah-rah patriotism.

    What strikes me about the Obama ad is its defensive tone, along with the tired rehash of his 2008 campaign approach.


    • I think that’s a pretty good read ojmo. He’s going to need to rev up the kids this time unless the right nominates one of the party clowns, in which case he’ll keep the independants and can save the billion dollars (I”m having problems with that one). He’ll be a shoo-in.

      But there’s Daniels and Romney and Huntsman out there.


  6. Sean ,

    I never thought much of his oratory . I think it was more of an audience ready to buy what he was selling . He is a weekend TV pitch man, a used car salesman . We will see if the independents are stupid enough to buy another lemon from this guy . His base obviously is .


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