Admit it. The man is a giant.

Elvis save me, I did it again. Tuned into Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach for five minutes on my way home from a dizzying day. Looking to be entertained I guess. And here is what I heard (paraphrased somewhat):
“Those young rabble rousers on the streets of Egypt or what have you? They have no ideology. You know what they are? They’re guys who like to throw rocks, guys who want to get on television. That’s all they are – just like American Idol or MTV or the Jerry Springer show – that’s what they want, just to get on television.”

I have no idea what his point was because I simply had to turn it off.

11 responses to “Admit it. The man is a giant.

  1. Do you think he had a point?

    I find irrespective of finding his ideology repugnant, he’s very scattered really. I don’t get the feeling that he prepares in any meaningful way for what he does on the air. I think he drags himself out of bed, walks into the studio, and likely breezes through the stack of stuff and and just makes it up on the fly. Do you think he’s bored with it? Seems like he should be, as he’s been doing it for 30 plus years now.

    Poor guy! I suppose I’m sour grapes for how much he makes for doing so little. I guesse I’m guilty of envy and waging class warfare.


    • bruce – I kind of see him the same way. I think he’s a self loather who survives by turning it outward. As you say, 30 years of 15 hours a weeek ranting and raving and being pissed off – wow. I’ve tuned in over hte years and I agree that he has changed – pretty much phones it in.

      I’ll always have difficulty with hearing his constant personal attacks on others out of the mouth of a man (here’s where I get nasty) who was born privleged but was a college dropout, spent most of his life morbidly obese, married four times and was addicted to drugs, something he goes after others for.


  2. Have you listened to this one?:

    He starts out with a little snippet he somehow stumbled over – about how “great minds discuss ideas – average minds discuss events – and small minds discuss people.”

    Now, from there he rambles on about how HE is the one discussing ideas – or people and events solely in the context of ideas! Suddenly he’s elitist! And Obama is bad bad bad because he talks about people – for instance bullying and golf! Pheeph!

    It’s so incoherent – and selfcontradictory in so many ways – but he keeps the passion and pathos all the way through. And he’s actually a bit funny.


    • mac, that one is breathtaking . . . completely insubstantial – just nothing there at all.

      But what struck me is how visibly he was scrambling for the follow on point. And was he reading???


      • His little fat fingers scrambling there? I noticed that too. Like he was bored or drifting.

        How he ends up with Obama being “above” is hilarious. Since he has a small mind compared to the great ones of Rush & his audience.


  3. Isn’t this the same guy who recently threatened to “go Egypt” on Obama?


  4. The inconsistency really runs deeps here. I’ve found him funny, but not here really.


    • I think I found it amusing as the perfect parody of Rush Limbaugh. Starting high, then dwindling into nonsense. And concluding contradictory to everything. The audience loving him all the same.


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