To you from me

Happy New Year to friends both old and new and especially to blogfriends I’ve met right here. However deeply flawed I may think your alliegances and political positions, I appreciate that you take the time to express them and allow me to express mine. In both the personal and political, dialogue is everything. Listening is critical. Learning is our reward.

So, again, Happy New Year readers, Happy New Year.

13 responses to “To you from me

  1. And a happy happy to you too!


  2. Passing the drug test was the big day, LOL. Yep, start Monday.


  3. Happy to you too. I am typing while humming “You Light Up MY Life”.


  4. Happy New Year to You!


    • Thanks Tammy! Looks like you made the same Thanksgiving pies I did, and I’m guess with much fresher ingredients and far more skill. (My amateur’s touches are black strap molasses in the pumpkin and lots of cranberries in the apple.)


  5. Happy New Year!


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