Clearing brain-fog and neglecting da’ blog

Tomorrow is a new year. I am not setting myself up for guilt with resolutions I’ll not keep; instead, today I am trying to clear out old business – unanswered letters, unpaid bills, the smaller unfinished things on the eternal to-do list. If I succeed, will it bode well for the New Year or will I just make a bigger to-do list? And does it matter?

A few things to be strive for (these are goals, not resolutions) in 2011:

  • Lose weight. (Natch. I’m a woman. That’s what we do.)
  • Be a better blogger – learn more about categories, tags and driving traffic.
  • Use my time more efficiently and to better effect and, as part of that, organize my reading (this is an old one)

A pretty thin list – no great expectations for Moe. Less disappointment that way.

I’ve been the most unbloggy ever these last weeks. That will change after this weekend.

3 responses to “Clearing brain-fog and neglecting da’ blog

  1. shortbuswonderkid

    Hi Moe,

    My wife and I tend to avoid traditional resolutions. We try to look at the past year to reflect upon our last year of triumphs and failures. We still make plans for the next year, but it is more a building upon last years successes. Example, last year, I finally became a published author, so next year, I need to strike a couple more times, the ultimate goal, to become a published novelist.

    I’ll keep on participating in your posts, as you have collected an interesting group of participants. To quote on of my favorite literary characters,

    “I plan to leave. You want me to stay. Well, an element of conflict in any discussion’s a very good thing. It means everybody is taking part and nobody is left out.”
    Elwood P. Dowd


    • shortbus: I love that Dowd quote! It’s going up on the quotes page. And yes, it’s a perfect description of a comment thread.

      Here’s to 2011 and getting published again!


  2. I’ll just use your resolutions, too.

    Already I am more efficient!


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