The concept and management of CATEGORIES and TAGS still eludes me and gets me all tied up in knots. A public blog ain’t a public blog untill that is fixed. I’ve downloaded a few lengthy articles on the subject(s), written in plain enough language for a no-longer-young person like myself.  And I imagine actually reading them would be the thing to do. (Ya think?) I don’t think I get anywhere with this undertaking until I get that stuff squared away. My categories are all screwed-up and I haven’t even tackled tags. And somewhere in WordPress is a function that allows me to make global changes in category names. Need to find that as well.

Time for a Diet Coke.

2 responses to “Aggghhh!

  1. I too think that Bill Moyer’s Journal is outstanding and i find that PBS is the only network that does present the news as Balanced. They present the facts and have little or no editorial comments.


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