Just stop it please

Good afternoon class, let us take a lesson in Fair and Balanced and how it works:

Cable news (except for FOX) seems to believe that whenever they cite a publication that is perceived to be liberal, they whatmust also cite a publication perceived to be conservative. And they do this pretty regularly – especially CNN which perceives itself to be in the middle.

This is the usual sloppy journalism. Do they never review their assumptions that one is balanced by the other? That an apple is an orange?

So, what better way to evaluate the validity of this assumption of equivalency than to check circulation figures. Let us look at some (these are not all the exact same 12 month periods, but are 12-month periods from 2007 to now:

The Washington Post – A publicly traded company
Daily audience 1,599,900

The Washington Times – A privately held company owned by the Rev. Sun Young Moon
Daily audience 83,511

The Weekly Standard – a privately held company
Can’t find circulation numbers, even at their own website, so to keep it fair(ish)
National Review – a privately held company
Weekly circulation 183,000

Time Magazine – A publicly traded company
Weekly circulation 3,400,000

Also note which of these publications are competing in the free market and which are not.

4 responses to “Just stop it please

  1. Do you know what the circulation of the NYT and the WSJ are?I’m sure you do.


    • No, I don’t! But just basically google the words NYTimes circulation or WSJ circulation, or some variation of that. It’s faster than going to their web sites and wandering around. Or Wikipedia, which has entries for most publications.


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