All it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun: part the whatever

So now it’s The Navy Yard, in Washington DC – a place bursting with military personnel located in the city with the largest per capita police presence in the entire United States of America. They couldn’t stop a bad guy with a gun.

So far 12 dead, 16 injured, including a cop. Can we get a quote from Wayne LaPierre?

We are so weary and we weep yet again.


36 responses to “All it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun: part the whatever

  1. Yup. Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. Any argument to the contrary demonstrates a distorted view of reality.


  2. My son use to be stationed up the street from the Navy Yard…


  3. When I was in a sonar R&D unit in the early 1970’s I had a few occasions to visit the Naval Sea Systems Command. It was a vast warren of rather dingy administrative offices then located not at the Navy Yard but Crystal City, VA, just across the Potomac from D.C. At that time there was no security to the place at all and anybody could walk in from the street. I heard one reporter speculate that a reported second suspect might have been merely an armed military person reacting to the shots fired, so maybe people do go around there packing heat. But if they do, as you say Moe, it didn’t stop the bad guy. As I have often said, not even hunters need semi-automatic rifles. If you don’t get the deer with the first shot, you’re done with that one.

    How many must die for people to come to their senses?


    • Jim – hearing that the Navy Yard is an historical place makes me wonder – can’t tell from news vids – any architecture left there that reflects that?


      • Old architecture? I dunno. I’ve never been there personally, but I know the place is hoary with history. It’s got to be better than Crystal City, which was where bureaucratic paperwork went to die.


  4. More insanity. How many times does this have to happen before we outlaw semiautomatic weapons and large capacity loaders. Why does Wayne LaPierre have so much power? All gun owners are not stupid, just the ones who feel the need to have semiautomatic guns.


  5. A Black man with gun, as is that statistical average, chose to murder people. Logic says disarm the Blacks, by force if needs be,

    Bother you? They commit 50% of the homicides. So deal. Or realize that nothing is going stop this because it’s always happened at one level or another and the MSM profits from exploiting it.


    • True, homicides do correlate with race, but with what else? How about poverty? How about education level? Shall we disarm on those bases? There’s a lot of poor crackers in the South that are going to be pretty upset if we do, IMO.


  6. “They couldn’t stop a bad guy with a gun.”

    But that’s exactly how the cops stopped him. They shot him with their service weapons. Had that not happened, the body count almost assuredly would have been higher.

    Anyone who knows anything about weapons knows that with a high rate of fire, a shooter can take out a lot of targets before someone with a gun gets to the scene.

    If no one with a weapon gets to the scene, the only limits on the number of casualties are the amount of ammunition the assailant is carrying, the number of targets, and his/her accuracy.

    This isn’t about pro/con gun rights. It’s about math and common sense.


    • I don’t know Sean – I wouldn’t characterize that as ‘stopping’ the bad guy with the gun, not after 12 bodies already down.

      You say they stopped him with service revolvers while he obviously had vastly more firepower. That is SO upside down; civilians don’t need and should not have acccess to those kinds of weapons.


  7. jonolan……
    WTF do you mean with the Black Man with a gun comment?

    Have you forgotten ALL the WHITE GUYS who have shot up people?

    What a BULL SHIT cop-out comment……


    • One, the shooter was a Black.

      Two, all the cries to ban firearms keep ignoring the fact that most firearms used in crimes are used by Blacks, even though Blacks are only 13% of the population.

      Three, the vast majority – 99%+ – of the “scary” firearms that the current crop of gun-grabbers are never used in a crime. The same cannot be said for low-end pistols.

      Four, why is it that you all will gladly argue for the infringement of the rights of so many but argue against the infringement of the rights for a far fewer number of people based upon proven statistics? You want measurable, positives results don’t you?


      • jonolan – you know perfectly well that these conversations that spring up after things like the Navy Yard and Sandy Hook aren’t about guns per se. They’re about mass killings and the weapons used. And in mass killings in one place,, in my memory, he’s the first black shooter.


        • There have been plenty of them, depending upon how strictly one defines these things. Admittedly though, the Black spree killers tend to be more mobile in the attack pattern. Killing many in one place is not a common part of their pathology.


          • But it IS a common part of the pathology of the white mass murderer.. So if we’re profiling . .. .


            • He already messed up the data for the profile much as the Beltway Sniper – also Black – skewed the numbers of the old sniper killer profile. Face it, some of the Blacks, at least, are integrating into American society. 8-|


              • I thought of the Beltway killer (if he’s the one who rode around town with his nephew or something shooting every few days) and decided he didn’t count – he was more like a serial killer.


                • Yes, but, given the small numbers we’re talking about, they skewed the profile models. Before them sniper killers had always been White…but there were never that many.


  8. On the question about guns?

    Forget it…..

    American’s LOVE their guns….
    And after the last go round ?
    It’s has turned into a 2nd Amendment RIGHTS issue….
    Look at the Colorado recalss….
    Democrats need to stay away from the issue …
    It’s a loser for them….
    Sad…But VERY True….


    • james – sadly I mostly agree with you. For the present, the argument about funs guns is pretty much over. We can’t restrict them no matter how logical doing do would be. To the pro guns zealots (a clear but powerful minority) it’s all about the ‘slippery slope’ as they see it.


  9. jonolan…..

    your comments on this is pure racist…..

    but you don’t care do you?


    • The truth is “racist,” Jim. I just don’t hide from it or refuse to speak it. I care no more about being called racist or making judgements based upon culture that is sadly defined by race than you do about stripping the Constitutional right from Whites.

      If you want immediate, positive results in reducing firearm violence, disarm the Blacks by force. You’ll get a huge drop right there.

      Would that be wrong? Sure! No more wrong, indeed less wrong by the measure of innocents affected, than any sweeping, untargeted gun-grabbing though.


      • How many whited carry guns? How many mass shootings are done by whites? Many. This is not just a black problem. You hate blacks, that’s your problem. I and many whites get along with blacks.


        • Nope. I don’t Blacks. Hell! I’m married to one and live in the “hood” in NYC. I do, however, hate the ones that a part of the Black Culture of criminality, violence, and worthlessness – as do the Blacks that surround me for the most part, and they’re a LOT less shy than I am letting the bad element know that they don’t belong any near our block.

          As for mass shootings – Whites have committed more of them but Blacks are demographically over-represented, especially if you include multi-location killing sprees.

          In any event, Blacks account for 50%+ of the violent crime in the US despite being only 13% of the population. Ponder that and, while you’re at it, ponder why this is largely ignored whenever someone talks about gun-grabbing.


  10. Given what we know are hearing about the shooter’s background, how did he get whatever clearances are required to get him on the base?


  11. Yes indeed Moe….

    The sad thing is we do NOT need Democrats losingt their jobs to be right JUST on this….

    There is too much to lose on other things….


  12. It’s a shame….
    But America IS differant things…..


  13. Disconnected from neighbours, friends, family………..sadness………..anger…………rage……….gun………….dead people. Fucked up society.


    • I think T4T that we can now say without question that – whatever the motive – this guy was clinically a classic paranoid schizophrenic. Put that together with a gun . . .


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