My turn at Drama Queen? Brief.

I was just starting to enjoy this . . . the ‘oh let me do that’, the ‘we’ll go to the store for you’. Sweet. But . . . a phone call from the radiologist just now delivers a final verdict, the good news they say.

The fractured elbow is not fractured. So roll up the ace bandages, off with the splint. No plaster of paris appointment in my morning.

And I had just mastered ‘sweeping’ the lanai with the leaf blower. Which, by the way, is how I shall do it forevermore.


5 responses to “My turn at Drama Queen? Brief.

  1. Ah, shoot…..

    Does that mean they’re gonna make you do EVERYTHING your self?


  2. Glad you’re better….


  3. I like your announcement style. And happy to hear the announcement.


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