Lincon: casting mystery

Anyone who has read down the entire cast list of the movie Lincoln  bumped into this mysterious bit of casting trivia: Kevin Kline appeared in the film as a ‘wounded soldier’. The real Kevin Kline. (The headshot in the cast list at is indeed Kline and even his own Imdb page lists the credit. )

I’ve been googling about the interwebs but can find no reference to this odd and utterly delightful bit of information. (I just saw the movie, but didn’t know to look for him; there were, predictably enough, many many ‘wounded soldiers’. And a lot of dead ones. Splendid movie by the way.)

One response to “Lincon: casting mystery

  1. Somebody wanted to mention his presence since he was likely working uncredited which would mean that he was working for less than scale since an SAG member can’t be credited if they work for less than what the union requires.


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