Everyone must make this for dinner

I think this is my first ever recipe post. But jeez, this was so frackin’ good  . . . I wish I could travel in the way-back machine and feed it to Elvis, who would then abandon his peanut butter and banana sandwiches and embrace a new diet and live forever and keep singing and be my bestest friend.

Anyway, what delights can happen when we clear out the veggie drawer and toss it all into a skillet!

Here goes: over high heat put a small amt of olive oil in a non stick skillet,  then:

1. add chunks of garlic, thinly sliced onions, push around the pan for a few minutes

2. add tomatoes (I quartered 2 Campari tomatoes), a minute more

2. add sliced and quartered green zucchini

3. push it all around for maybe four minutes, let the zucchini burn a little

(Earlier, I’d cooked a bunch of green beans chopped into one inch lengths and set aside.)

4. add the cooked string beans

(Salt/pepper a few times as you go)

I put it on a plate with a tilapia filet on top (cooked in another skillet at same time).

It was glorious.


5 responses to “Everyone must make this for dinner

  1. Yum. Anything with onions and garlic has my vote!


  2. With another fish substituted for the tilapia – the wives don’t care for it – that’s a common dish in my house. We often serve it with orzo that had pureed artichoke hearts & bottoms, garlic, and basil tossed into it.


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