Farewell, Newt


Gingrich would have had the best chance of beating Obama in open debate…plus I particularly enjoyed watching him give the mainstream media the lambasting it so richly deserves.

5 responses to “Farewell, Newt

  1. Newt made the primary more entertaining for me, that’s for sure, but it was obvious to me that his was an ego-driven mission. The mass defection of his campaign staff was the major symptom, deriving from his vacationing at the wrong time. The other things that stand out in my memory were his silly notions of a permanent moon base and guaranteeing gasoline at $2.50 a gallon, both obvious panderings for votes at the expense of the country.

    Power and the attention surrounding it is addictive, and when the prime motivation for it is ego, as it was in the case of John Edwards, then the nation is going to suffer. I think Newt would have been a disaster too. Character matters, it matters a lot.


    • And I continue to be astonished by how these multiply married (Newt, Rush) guys receive the blessing of the religious right. Just astonished.


      • Me too, Moe. Politics does make strange bedfellows though. Once a guy is admitted to the tribe,then it becomes us against them. That is why the rallying cry of “Defeat Obama” now seems sufficient unto itself, issues be damned! Humans are first of all social critters.


  2. That’s all Newt ever wanted – to debate a sitting president. That, and selling his book.


  3. Don’t let the door hit you leaving!
    You know what?
    That’s ok….


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