Say no more . . . our shame is complete

This is what it’s come to – child labor laws bad, suffering good.

13 responses to “Say no more . . . our shame is complete

  1. Wow. If things continue like this, I may be able to write some Dickens-style novels about this country, poor handicapped kids and all. God bless us, everyone…


  2. Fire janitors – hire kids

    First, do you think that keeping a school clean is hard dangerous work? Maybe the kid needs the job?

    Second, dojo’s across the world do this. The youngest belts clean the mats and scrub the floors. It builds respect for the institutions. AND they don’t get paid.

    Child labor laws…


    • Applied in non-public environs, it’s a perfectly fine idea. Private schools could certainly do it and I’d have no problem with that. But ‘the kids might need the money’ is really pathetic. Really. So that’s the solution to helping the poor – put the little kids to work? Or maybe he means we should do it in ALL public schools. Of course, a lot of janitors (with families) would lose jobs but I guess if their kids go to school, they could make up the lost family income by working at school doing what Dad used to do . . . my head hurts!


  3. Hey Moe if you are still having Askimet problems try the GASP spam plugin if you can….


  4. Speaking of right-wingers and schools, Fox News had some talking heads this morning calling for funding cuts to universities.

    Eurobrat, some days it feels like the country is turning into a Charles Dickens novel.


    • Ahab, it is 😦 This isn’t the first time I’ve heard a call for child labor. Not to mention the argument that sick and old people should just depend on their churches and private charities for help. Time for a return to good old-fashioned street beggars…

      And we all know that universities are full of socialist professors anyway!


  5. and these people live in a different place than you and me!


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