This is killing us

A C-SPAN guest this morning noted, in a “in other news, the sun came up this morning” tone, that “the President’s fundraising this quarter is expected to be down; he had to miss ten fundraisers last month because of the debt ceiling talks”.  Ten fundraisers?? So how many are scheduled for August guys? Twenty? How about thirty?  August has thirty one days, so that way he could spend a day at the desk.

During which days by the way, our Congress will be doing the same thing.

Maybe we should go show the Supreme Court what it looks like when real ‘citizens’ are ‘united’.

10 responses to “This is killing us

  1. Moe…..


    This IS Politics…..

    And it costs money….
    LOTS of money….


    • james:

      Money is fine – but the committment to raise that money is a whole ‘nother matter. Almost any pol will admit that the day after they are elected, they have to start fund raising for the next election. And they have to do it every day.

      Clearly something perfectly legal has become perverted into something that’s overwhelming the system.

      Electoral reforms are needed but unlikely to ever happen. When I say ‘this is killing us’, I do beleive that it is.


  2. Fundraising is the name of the game in politics, unfortunately. Our flawed system is set up so that candidates need millions upon millions of dollars to be considered viable, and that means being a handmaiden of corporations and wealthy donors. It needs to change.


  3. Public funding and limited campaign season.
    Only way to go.
    Oh, and could we get one o those rowdy-assed Parliaments like in the U.K.?
    That’s good entertainment! What fun.


  4. I have to say among other reasons for disenchantment with President Obama is he seems like he in full candidate mode already, and it not even 2012. Given the instense desire of the Republicans to defeat him, along with a weak economy (at best) to run on,maybe I should expect as much. Still, I think he should focus on doing the job and just be judged on his record.


    • Given what’s happening here and in Europe today in the markets, I wonder if he’ll cut short the campaign trip and come back to work. It’s quite inappropriate to be out there right now.


  5. Ms. Holland,

    I congratulate you on being consistent on principle . Although at this late stage, I don’t know what the President can realistically accomplish . All of my suggestions to turn the economy around would violate the President’s ideological principles . Given the current gridlock I do not see anything based on the President’s ideas getting past the House of Representatives .

    I believe that if you get the price of energy and food down, that will do more than any stimulus . The question is what are you willing to do to get those price levels down.


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