As Linda Ellerbe used to say: And so it goes . . .

From Ezra Klein this morning:

The budget deficit is shrinking, reports Jeff Bater: “The U.S. budget deficit for the first nine months of fiscal 2011 was $970.52 billion, a figure that is smaller than the $1.29 trillion deficit for the same period in the prior fiscal year. The U.S. Treasury Department, in a monthly budget statement released Wednesday, said the budget deficit for June 2011 came in at $43.08 billion, less than June 2010, which was $68.42 billion.

Meanwhile, our congressional overlords stay busy doing the people’s business:

The House voted to limit the EPA’s ability to regulate water quality, reports Robin Bravender: “The House on Wednesday approved legislation to smack down the Obama administration’s water pollution policies, despite a looming veto threat from the White House. The chamber voted 239-184 to adopt a bipartisan bill that seeks to limit EPA’s authority over state water quality decisions after recent agency actions have irked lawmakers, particularly in coal states and in Florida. Backers of the bill sent a loud message that they’re not pleased with recent EPA water policies, including a January veto of a West Virginia mining permit and new nutrient pollution standards in Florida…The bill is one of several recent House efforts to limit the Obama administration’s water pollution policies, including a series of riders attached to the fiscal 2012 Interior-EPA spending bill.”

4 responses to “As Linda Ellerbe used to say: And so it goes . . .

  1. Okay, so we have poison water, so what. We can use it to hydro-frac for gas, then instead of dying of thirst or poison water, we can drink booze. A little angry I am.


  2. They will settle it eventually……

    The GOPer’s are going try every cahnce they get to CUT GOVERNMENT…..

    It will be up to the Seante, the President, the media and bloggers to keep some sort of eye on them


    • I think they’ll go with McConnell’s ‘compromise’. Meanwhile, the story to watch is the Boehner/Cantor power struggle.

      I predict Boehner flattens him.


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