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Oldies videos still disappearing

Ive been doing a little blog housekeeping today and see that youtube is again taking down more oldies videos, and instead of replacing them with the ‘video no longer available’ message, they’re replacing them with other videos. ‘Short Shorts’ and some Jackie Wilson stuff now appear over and over here.

I’ve tried to keep up and fix things by using different versions of the original songs . . . but it’s too much. So be it.

I just want y’all to know that Who Wears Short Shorts is not my favorite song.

Dear CNN: bite me

Now this is going to be useful! YouTube has launched an Elections Hub channel for 2012 and I think I’m going to like it. It’s here. From their own announcement, it will be:

. . . .a one-stop channel for key  political moments from now through the upcoming U.S. election day on November 6. You can watch all of the live speeches from the floor of the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions, see Google+ Hangouts with power brokers behind the scenes, and watch a live stream of the official Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. You won’t need to go anywhere else for the must-watch moments of this election cycle . . .  videos from politicians and parties, plus a diverse range of news organizations—both established names in media and sought-after new voices—are sharing their coverage . . . from the conventions to the debates to election night.

They’ll offer live and on-demand stuff from ABC, Al Jazeera, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Univsion . . .

Friday oldie

For some reason, youtube decided last night to once again allow me access to my original youtube account. I’ve no explanation for this any more than I have for why they shut me out a few months ago. Look what I found . . .




Take that, Newsweek


The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan responded to a Newsweek article calling GR one of America’s “dying cities” with conceivably one of the greatest production numbers ever, performed in one uninterrupted shot by what appears to be the whole city (actually only 5000 humans). For me it eerily segues from Moe’s Gettysburg Address post earlier today–death, rebirth, the triumph of the human spirit–plus it makes me want to go there:

YouTube just went and lost me

Boy . . . I step away from the computer for a few days and bandersnatches sneak  in to have some fun with my settings.

Suddenly I am unknown at youtube;, I need a password to sign in. I have tried repeatedly with the password I have on my little list. No go. Clicked the old ‘forgot  my password button’. Set a new one. Tried to sign in again. No go. Tells me another user – me actually – already has my email address so I’ll need to set up a new google account. But hey, fellas! I have settings! I have favorites! I have some history here and I need access to it.

Any ideas? Is it because I forgot the oldie  on Friday? Is this punishment?