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Giggle . . .

Wolf Blitzer – still making my teeth hurt

I spare myself the agony of actually watching this guy, but today Bartcop brings us some choice Blitzkreigs from last night.

“Let’s go now to the former Reagan Presidential Library.”

“When we come back, we’ll talk with a former Vietnam Veteran.”

The most annoying man in news.

Wolf Blitzer is a fool

The man makes my teeth hurt. As here, where his obsequious acceptance of Trump treating him like lower staff, makes CNN look as foolish as this ‘anchor’  who appears to be on air 8 days a week.

Again: Blitzer makes my teeth hurt

A post I wrote but didn’t publish after the State of the Union speech about the silliness that is CNN. Posting it now speaks to my laziness today, and something is better than nothing. And for me, any opportunity to trash CNN is timeless.

Eric Alterman gets it right. He pretty much always does ( I admit to a prejudice because he published my letters back  in the days when Americans hadn’t yet forgotten that we were/are engaged in two [now three?] wars). Here, he eviscerates CNN for their crappy news judgement.

Fingernails on a blackboard

The network, with annoying regularity, exhibits a puffed up sense of self-importance. In his column, Alterman goes after them for their journalistic cluelessness after they broadcast the ‘response to the response to the State of the Union’, delivered by that towering American intellect and historian, Michelle Bachman.

CNN alone mistook it for real news. They were played. But I suppose a network that likes Wolf Blitzer as its wise old man (will he never retire?) has an expectation of poor judgement.

(By the way, they do have an international edition which I understand is pretty good – why oh why do we get only the crap?)

No grass grows under THEIR feet

I left home at about 11:00 am today. Just before I went out the door, “Breaking News” from CNN informed me that Sen. Ted Stevens perished in an Alaska plane crash.

It is now six hours later and I just turned on the teevee. Wolff Blitzer breathlessly tells me the ‘Breaking News’: Sen. Ted Stevens perished in an Alaska plane crash.

These people get big big salaries.