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So is Obama going to bring it home?

UPDATE: Moe is currently accepting accolades below for having called this one exactly correctly.

Is it possible Joe Biden was chuckling up his sleeve and doing a set up Sunday when he spoke – awkwardly! – 0n gay marriage? He provided great material to  our cable gasbags, who’ve played with it for days now because, ha!, “we never know what is going to come out of Joe’s mouth”.

Pretty predictable both in execution and reaction. Joe knows that, so why not use it? (Although the Will & Grace bit was pure Biden.)

Obama talks somewhere today and will be asked. I  know this because it has been breathlessly reported all over the blogosphere that HE. WILL. BE. ASKED!

So is this the ‘two’ of a ‘one, two’ punch? Does the President of the United States, having seen the polls, declare himself for gay marriage?

That’s be cool. And not a bad move in an election year – it might help bring out the youth vote.