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I didn’t build that!

WordPress has now sent the 2012 blog stats to its users. Allow me to share. 

Whatever Works is into its fourth year; my first post went up in September of 2009.  (Here it is.)


Since then, there have been 213,000 unique views. They came from  174 countries.

Here’s the history:

  • 2009 (partial year) – 4900
  • 2010 – 35,000
  • 2011 – 63,000
  • 2012 – 110,000

And there have been 2800 posts generating 20,000 comments.

As nice as this is, smug satisfaction from your bloghost is tempered by a less than glorious fact: the most viewed Whatever Works post of all time was, well, this. It got 2181 views because people were looking for that appalling photo. Humility is served.


I want to thank you all for visiting, for reading and for engaging in dialogue. Any blogger knows that over time, commenters become friends. And that’s the best part. Without you, this place is just noise. Just noise.

2013, here we come. . .

Shares a name

I was just at Whatever Works – yup, there is a blog sharing my name at Blogger. I got there while googling to see if either whateverworks.com or whateverworksblog.com was available. They weren’t. (The first is a pest control company!)

I tried to leave a comment for the proprietor but failed. This has happened before with Blogger; it seems to resist comments – from me anyway.  Can’t sign in via WordPress (refuses my URL). Can’t sign in via my Google account either.

So I shall link to the blog here. And hope she stops by so we can get acquainted.

While I was sleeping . . .

. . . and probably thanks to Orhan’s efforts, Whatever Works hit 70,000. Well. That’s nice.

And the unbloggy continues . . .

My brain whirls, my outrage grows, my humor is dampened . . . but none of this translates into actual words.  So Whatever Works shall vacation for a few more days and I can only hope Orhan feels inclined to toss something of substance up here.

In Miami, where the AC is temporarily off line at my brother’s beautiful 17th floor condo, we have open windows on three sides overlooking upper Biscayne Bay. The brisk breezes off the water cools us. Not bad.

Be nice.

Just 42 more views!

It’s been a rough day, so let there be a blog bleg and a blog brag.

I am just a few views away from  6000 views in the month of May. I’m hoping with 3 1/4 hours left in the month, I just may make it! That’s the brag.

The bleg?  Yeah, refresh the page a few times. Thank you very much.


40,000 in the new year

Attitude is everything

It appears that sometime in the next few days I will hit 40,000 views.

At present, I’ve only 143 to go. 

Happy New Year to me.

UPDATE: Two o’clock on Jan. 1 and 25 to go!

Ahem. 35,000.

Sometime this week, Whatever Works will have its 35,000th view since launching in October ’09.  (For those of you who don’t know, WordPress doesn’t count my own visits.)

Doing the happy dance!

Happy birthday to me

Tomorrow, this blog turns one year old. In that time I’ve made some fine new friends, founds lots more who love to argue which suits me fine, learned a lot about myself and also about how much I still need to learn. I’ve rediscovered some of the music of my youth . . . . it’s been a wonderful year and I’m grateful to those of you who have made a habit of stopping by. Like any blogger, I crave comments – keep leaving them and I’ll keep the chat going.


  • Total views: 28,264 (30K would have been nice for a birthday present)
  • Busiest day: 208 views — Wednesday, June 23, 2010
  • Posts: 1,017 (who knew I had that much time)
  • Comments: 4,514 (the best part)

So happy birthday to Whatever Works. (And lordy, lordy, lordy, I wish I’d known about the Woody Allen movie of the same title before I launched the blog. But so it is, as the late Linda Ellerbe used to say.)

The first post here was brief.

Formatting fail

In the post below part of my own language got caught up in formating so it looked like part of the quote.

The line “CNN fired her. Cowards.” is mine, not the reporter’s from Think Progress.

That is all.

Who doesn’t like being right?

On September 27, I said , speaking of my brother in law:

I often call him in distress over such essential things as the Supreme Court and how it’s about to legitimize corporate control of the political life of this nation.