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Just sayin’



Did you?

All dressed up but nowhere can I vote

Not because some fool is trying to stop me (not recommended that anyone try to stand between Moe and her vote) but because I already voted. I’m told that twice is not permitted.

I mailed in my ballot this year; since then, I confirmed that it was properly recorded at the County office. And that’s nice. But today I feel lost. I want to stand in that booth and I want to get my ‘I Voted!’ sticker.

Maybe if I stop by they’ll give me one of those anyway. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.


This is about right. Yup.

I was just reading my way around Under The Mountain Bunker (‘Come for the apocolypse – stay for the coffee’) and came upon this Tom Tomorrow panel. 

My grandmother couldn’t vote till she was almost 40 years old

100 Years ago today, half a million women marched on Washington DC to demand the right to vote. They got it – eight years later.

Here’s to you, ladies! Here’s to you.

(We’ll stay vigilant, Gramma. We’ll not let the American Taliban reverse the arc of history.)