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Verizon is watching

On Wednesday I wrote a post complaining about Verizon and just now I find a comment there from . . . Verizon.

Honest. Go look. Don’t quite know what to make of it.

Verizon sucks.

UPDATE: Wow. A comment has popped up in the thread below from a CSR at Verizon. It’s real. This is disturbing on many levels. It may be simply a super powerful google-alert type thingee they have running, but still . . . a bit spooky. Click through the comments and go look.

Okay, this morning I decide to check the history of minutes I’ve used on my cell phone. I need a simple summary of usage over many months. I don’t have any paper bills here, so I headed to Verizon dot com. I clicked and clicked around a very dense site (obviously dedicated to sales, not service), and did a number of searches (useless). At the same time, I repeatedly tried to log into my own account – and repeatedly failed.  Finally I clicked LIVE CHAT and told ‘Robert’ that I couldn’t log in and was only trying to do so in order to find info on my account.

The sweet young thing hiding behind the name Robert informed me that I was on the wrong website – go to Verizonwireless dot com said Robert. I refrain from any comment on that. (This phone/cable/internet company is unaware of ‘re-direct’.)

So I did as Robert said. And almost got into my account. Somehow though, my password is now unknown to them – doesn’t match their records dontchaknow. I requested a new one and finally succeeded in getting in.

I’ve now been at this for an hour.

Aha, I say to no one, now I can check my history of usage! Heh. This site is even denser than the first and it too is dedicated to selling me some kind of additional service and only gives up actual info reluctantly. But the historical info I sought would not be given up; no linkee anywhere. I went to forums. No help.

I have sent an email, a response to which – they are proud to announce ‘should arrive within 24 hours’. Fancy that.

I now officially hate Verizon. Next up: cancel contract. Find new service provider.

Reminds me  of how brilliant the private sector is and how government can’t do anything right.

Let the games begin. (my games that is)

Went to see the young men at the Verizon store today as it was time for a new phone. The contract update phone to which I am entitled was not particularly appealing.

So I now have a Droid, Verizon’s version of the I-Phone. (And I understand Apple is suing them. Whee, telecomm giants grapple! Mud wrestling is next!)

I will spend some happy hours playing with it, exploring apps and noise makers, while the device itself gets its first real charge, which is a landmark moment in the life of a young phone.

Maybe I should knit some booties.