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But, but, but . . . .

Michael Kinsley asks a good question at Politico. Since talk radio et al are insisting that the only cause of the shooting in Tucson was insanity . . . what will they be saying when his lawyers plead insanity? Which they will of course. Or – horror of horrors –  when the guy is deemed unable to stand trial?

Who the hell was in the stands

I watched the Memorial event from Tucson last night and reluctantly offer this comment: it was an event without an identity.

On one hand, we had Bible verses and hymns. On the other hands we had the Star Spangled Banner (mangled by bad audio planning) and much speechifying.

Most jarring of all however, was the constant shouting and applauding and whistling from the audience. At one point they whistled and cheered one of the Bible readings. They whistled and cheered after every name of the fallen Obama mentioned. They even whistled and cheered randomly and mid-sentence when Obama was speaking. It was genuinely bizarre.

I found the audience behavior distracting, disrespectful and completely inappropriate to the occasion.

(Nice to see Sandra Day O’Connor again, but what were Eric Holder and FBI Director Mueller doing there? )