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I dare you to not be impressed

Besides becoming the most successful children’s author of all time (sold 600 million of his 44 books and reached a billion readers), Theodore Seuss Geisel, or as he is more commonly known, Dr. Seuss, was:

  • a painter
  • an editorial cartoonist
  • an ad man
  • a Navy Admiral
  • a sculptor
  • an Army Major
  • an Academy Award winning short filmmaker, and
  • a doctoral recipient.

Wow. Just wow.


I like this place

Teh busy is easing up at last.¬†Friday oldie is forthcoming (it’s Thursday, isn’t it. Yikes. Again.)

Meanwhile, a ‘like’ on my last post just led me to Psilomelane. Stop by for some fascinating¬†miscellany. It’s fun. I especially liked this: