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It beats a covered wagon, but still . . .

California to Florida? Five hours in the air – perfectly acceptable, in fact a marvel.

18 Hours of air and airport time over two days for that trip –  oh my aching back. (I did accept, indeed quietly and with grace, that on the first flight a 300 pound man chose the middle seat to my left. It happens.)

Grapefruit-Tree-CareAnd so today is about fresh air, newspapers, red grapefruit from my tree and a lot of coffee brewed my way. Plus a nap. And some strawberries I think.

A new time waster: better than Google Earth

Well, prettier anyway . . . this is new to me (thanks to friend Jane).

Go there, choose a location (Rome? Leaning Tower of Pizza? Cape of Good Hope?), click it, click the arrow and start a panoramic interactive tour. Have fun.