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Time to say NO! NO! again

TPM tells me that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will retire this summer. Per TPM:

“The retirement sets up a Senate confirmation battle for Obama’s nominee over the summer. (The Senate also faces a tough fight in coming months over ratifying the administration’s nuclear arms treaty with Russia, just signed this week in Prague.) Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation took just over two months.”

Since everything Obama does is illegitimate, expect two big fights coming up.

Or you can keep up to the minute

. . . .at Talking Points Memo, where the bestest of the new Washington breed of digital reporters are liveblogging the heatlh care debate as it unfolds all over D.C.

The best $25 I ever contributed –  the Talking Points Memo ‘start-up’ a few years back. I’ll always be proud of that one.

Haiti and Cuba and us

I’ve been wondering about Cuban involvement in Haiti relief efforts, but hadn’t seen anything on it till today at TPM.

Pay attention!

Dr. Joshua Micah Marshall

When even Josh Marshall at TPM runs out of patience and descends into **%%!! territory, the Dems have not only blown it in Mass, they’re blowing it worse now. I started reading Talking Points Memo shortly after it began and before Josh Marshall became Dr. Joshua Micah Marshall. He got his PhD in Colonial American History, a fact he celebrated on his blog at the time (it was just a blog then), but he shut down the party and has been only Josh Marshall since then, which I consider to be classy.  But politics is his beat. His site has grown from a one man blog to a full blown journalistic enterprise with a large and growing staff, two offices (NY and DC) and TPM people are starting to show up on cable news.

Except I must be dreaming this, because Rush Limbaugh tells me liberals are anti-entrepreneurial.