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The only oldie for ‘Habemus Papam’ week, yes?

Catching up, some lessons and a song

Over the last week, I’ve learned four important lessons. Allow me to share.

  1. Do not move heavy furniture, in the dark, barefoot  – or you might end up in the Emergency Room.
  2. Do not undertake two substantial volunteer projects that share a deadline.
  3. Do consider your excema prone skin when building a swimming pool. It’s likely to cost a few sheckles to convert to a salt water system. And this leads to the final and somewhat humiliating lesson:
  4. Do listen to friends.

Given the above – and the mood engendered this past week – I am unbloggy. So unbloggy that I failed to do a Friday night oldie.

Here is a taste of the – then – newly-emerging edgy 60’s culture. It wasn’t all hippies and the Beatles: