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Bobblespeak ‘documents the atrocities’*

The August 7 translations are up; just the essence of the weekly gasbaggery.

FROM ABC This Week:





FROM NBC Meet The Press:










* the Sunday talk shows, so named by Atrios.

Great news on the media front

Perhaps someone at ABC has decided to keep their Sunday show away from the entertainment division.  But whatever the reason, this is good news, so a gold star to ABC. (Now, if they could just ban Cokie Roberts from the network . . . )

ABC hires Amanpour for This Week

They say Jake Tapper continues till she comes aboard in August, which is great as Tapper has been doing an admirable job (well, I’ve been liking it and what else matters?)

Now, I wonder if that will make up for my probably insulting him when I incorrectly identified him as the founding editor of  The Note – instead of the gossip columnist Mark Helperin.