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Friday Oldie

NOTE: I finally updated the song list at the Friday Night Oldies tab. It’s complete as of today. About time. Here’s some more old-time slow dancing. To this one, it was take a single step, dip slightly to the left and bob up and down for a few beats, then back upright and dip to the other side. Really. (The solo is Tony Williams – some voice, eh?)

Friday oldie

(UPDATE: I have just been informed it is Thursday. Wanna make something of it?)

American TV defined this as Rock & Roll (because of the backbeat?). I loved The Platters and fell in love regularly under the spell of their songs.

Friday oldie!

Ahh, slow dancing to The Platters . . . I fell in love every single time.

Friday oldie

UPDATE: So it’s Thursday, so sue me. Aaagggghhh . . .

Tony Williams had such a rich voice . . . a real oldie is this one.

Friday Night Oldie

Friday night oldie

A day when I find a number by The Platters that I’ve not previously posted, is a very good day.

I’ve said before that I fell in love (with someone!) to every single Platters song.

I forgot the oldie!

The least distraction and my life runs off the rails – if forgetting Friday Night Oldies qualifies as ‘running off the rails’. Nevertheless, it’s a very good day when I find a Platters number that I haven’t posted before.

Yup. Friday oldies.

When I was a teen, The Platters were my favorite group, probably because their sound was perfect for ‘slow dancing’, which was where we fell in love on a regular basis. Back then, being ‘asked to dance’ was proof positive of eternal devotion. So it felt pretty good.

Friday night oldies

They really were my favorite group back then.