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Friday: and there is still much ‘old’ out there

Umm, just how gay is this?

As Ed loves to remind me . . . Friday!!

And if it were this day last year, today would be 10-11-12.

Surprisingly, this is from 1965 – after The Beatles arrived. Still, even while I was loving folk and early rock, this stuff got through – it continues to evoke that sentimental nostalgia thingee.

Friday night ya’know

In spite of being reminded by the ever-vigilant Ed, I failed to post an oldie last Friday. But today I am s-o-o-o-o on top of my game . . .

Another Friday oldie cuz I really didn’t like that one

Is it possible I didn’t put this up earlier?

Friday oldie. And this time Don, it really is Friday

Paul Anka wrote and recorded this but I can’t find a decent version on youtube. Anka’s recording was the hit but here’s The Lettermen doing it.