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Beach season! And, it’s Friday


Friday oldie

I’ve just come back from my treasured beach, which lost 20 feet of dune thanks to Tropical Storm Debbie. The walkway over the dunes leads to stairs to the beach itself. Or it did. Yesterday those stairs were hanging in the air.

And today, it’s fixed because this is a wonderful  community full of wonderful people who jump in whenever needed. So I went down to get some pictures of them and of the repairs.

Which is my roundabout way of introducing today’s oldie. It has to to be a beach song of course – here’s some really early Beach Boys.



Friday oldie

Here’s a story for the young ‘uns and a flash back for the oldsters.

Back in the early 80’s I created a family video edited from miles of 16mm movie film. I was an amateur but I wanted to have a sound track . . . here is how I got it done back in that dark primitive era:

First, I took the dozens of film cartridges to a commercial studio to have them converted into video tape.

Tape now in hand, and back home, I hauled the TV to where I could see it while handling my ‘record player’ and set a big fat legal pad on my lap. Pulled out the LP’s I would be using. Spent hours listening and making notes on songs, run time etc. Set up a tape recorder. (Turned off my phone!)

Then – I started playing the now-edited video, adding more notes to my earlier one from the LP’s, and organizing on paper what song would play over what parts of the video.

All was now in place. I rewound the video to the beginning and, while watching it began to play the records in their proper order, recording them on the tape recorder. (Video players in those days had a digital read out of how many feet into a tape you were. So I marked those – as identifiers – into my notes to correspond with the songs as they started  and stopped. This took a few days of two or three hours at a time.)

When I was done, I played the audio tape and video at the same time to make them align as best I could, stopping and overwriting and making corrections (mostly in the timing).

Now on to the next step. I packed up my video and audio tapes and drove the 40 miles back to the studio, where they combined the sound track with the video track, producing a single integrated tape.

I then requested five copies which I wrapped individually and gave to family members as Christmas presents. It was a big hit. 25 Years later a niece put it onto CDs for us.

Today, I can do the same thing with my phone and email it to a hundred people, five minutes after shooting it.

(All of this is by way of an intro to an old Beach Boys song, which I used on that video.)