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The oligarchy’s latest ‘War on the Family’

https://i0.wp.com/www.mypraize.com/images/rsgallery/original/greedy_santa.jpgHere’s something I could be thankful for: the  toxic new retail trend that has stores opening on Thanksgiving Day (some as early as 6am) to attract more shoppers turns out to be . . . a bust!

Wouldn’t it be swell?

The Thanksgiving classic

There are no others.

Don’t know if I can do this . . .

. . . because Thanksgiving is already behind us, but there’s been a tradition around here of posting the Thanksgiving classic. And I forgot! Till now.

Gobble, gobble y’all

This year I feel especially fortunate. More of my family is here in town – in fact, another brother and a nephew have become neighbors.  The young’un and his wife have been visiting since they were children to see grandparents So this has always been a part of ‘home’ to them.

I’m also grateful that both David Frum and David Brooks have begun using – and not in a nice way – the phrase ‘conservative-entertainment media complex’. 

(Pictured is one of the two pumpkin pies I made this morning. Came out pretty good I think; there’s an apple/cranberry yet to go.)

Happy T’day and please, please, stay away from Black Friday. I worry about injuries. 


The. Thanksgiving. Classic.

The Thanksgiving Classic

Gobble gobble

I’m the designated maker of pies for Thanksgiving. Ingredients are now in-house, and I shall bake the pies – two of them- tomorrow morning. There will be pumpkin of course – made with black strap molasses. And there will be an apple – made with pears and cranberries and maybe some raisins.  Yummy yummy to y’all and gobble gobble too.