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My name is Moe, and I am a fracking idiot

_OhMyGodOh, big ouch!  I just showed up at a friend’s house (45 minutes away) for dinner. He was a little surprised because the dinner is tomorrow. And that is why, now that I am home, I have chosen dessert for my evening meal.

This is not an omen. This is not an omen.

2011 will be a good year. 2011 will be a good year. Really. It will.

Entire folders have disappeared from my hard drive. Documents, photos, writing . . . I’ve not fully digested this yet, but as the hours/days go by, the extent of the damage is looking more and more like a disaster. Two years of materials for a board I’m on is gone. Except for the photos, I or someone else probably has paper copies of most of it, so in spite of the scope that one isn’t as upsetting as some of the others for which there is no paper. My greatest fear is for the things I don’t yet know are missing.

And I may have deleted them myself. Picassa was involved. ‘Nuff said about that.

My to-do list for the past 90 days has included something that reads “set up online backup and do it NOW!”.  So ’nuff said about that too.

I’ve got an email out to my vacationing IT guru to see if he can possibly restore the files. Blogging has been light as I’m still busy slapping myself across the face.

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I have had a very bad day. In fact, I have had a very bad week. Sharing any of the humiliating details would speak ill of me, so I shall abstain. But I do feel better now.