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For non-bloggers: A look behind the curtain

Lessons in spam: How [not] to Sound Like A Person:

I had been questioning occasion you ever considered altering customized for specific cultures of the website? Its really correctly created; I adore what youve obtained to say. But possibly it is possible to small a lot more when it comes to content so males could interact with it greater. Youve obtained a terrible total lots of text for only finding a single or two images. Maybe you’ll manage to area it out greater?

We all get robo-spam, those announcements of the latest ‘enhancement’ drugs or miracle weight loss systems. For every one that gets through, 100 others are probably kept out of your inbox by a blocker.

Same with blogs – Aksimet on WordPress does a fine job for
Whatever Works. (It’s blocked almost 14,000 spam comments from making it through, but does hold them for review, just in case.)

Robo spammers (see above) have been working at creating auto generated and specific ‘comments’ based on the content of a post. Sometimes they’re even successful, but not often. Sheer awfulness still reigns supreme. It’s a Beta world so far.

But that could change. I notice lately that the language is a bit sharper, the comment itself more relevant, almost believable.

The goal for now is commercial, to encourage a blogger to click through. Which means of course that the goal is to deceive.

I do wonder about future implications for us all when deception is run by software, is automated, targeted and widespread.

Um, WordPress? 78 spam to deal with?

WordPress (this blogging platform) has a comments spam blocker called Akismet which historically has been very good. But in the last weeks, more and more are getting through – 78 just this morning, all of which I will review before deleting because maybe, just maybe one of them will be legit.

The life of the stat whore.

Spam bots

All bloggers get ‘spam bots’, fake comments automatically generated by some sort of bot in an attempt to attract readers to another site, where something is for sale. As they are computer generated and usually from a place where English is a third language, the content is often quite comical. Almost always it tells you in a charmingly illiterate way that your blog is just the bestest evah!

Today, I got one that takes it a step further – it mentions by name my blog and two of my categories and the comment tried to attach itself to an actually relevant post. If you follow all that. Anyone else getting this upgraded version of the spam junk?

Here it is in its entirely:

howdy Whatever Works , i comment your blog , that a nice blog and perfect. Best for me. best review for The Daily Rush and climate deniers content. i will plan to read and comment your blog.