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Blog brag

I just noticed that sometime last week I put up my 2000th post at Whatever Works and comments topped 13,000.
Further, it seems that with just 170 more visits before Monday, October 2011 becomes my all time big time mostest bestest ever ever EVER month.

While I was sleeping . . .

. . . and probably thanks to Orhan’s efforts, Whatever Works hit 70,000. Well. That’s nice.

Thanks! 6086 and two hours still to go

Over a hundred views in the last half hour (wow!) did the trick.  I now have over 6000 for the month of May – nearly 6100 now – which is my new record, surpassing March (5800+) which I thought was an outlier.


(and by the way, Sean is hot on my heels. Do NOT go over there and encourage him.)

Just 42 more views!

It’s been a rough day, so let there be a blog bleg and a blog brag.

I am just a few views away from  6000 views in the month of May. I’m hoping with 3 1/4 hours left in the month, I just may make it! That’s the brag.

The bleg?  Yeah, refresh the page a few times. Thank you very much.


Blog brag, blog brag, blog brag

I’m inching up . . . six hits away from 50,000! It may very well happen by the time this post goes up. Thanks guys – that’s such a high.