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Oh damn them damn them and damn them again

When (perhaps ‘if’ but I’m not hopeful) Iraq dissolves and brings eastern Syria and Kurdistan with it and the region falls into a few more decades of war, I will remember Paul Wolfowitz assuring the Senate before our 2003 invasion that ‘there is no history of sectarian violence in Iraq’. Really, he said that. In a neighborhood where sectarian war has been the norm for  a thousand years. He said that.

Damn them all.

Syria shares a border with Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. And that matters.

syriaIn a country where none of the news is good, this is very very bad. I’ve worried about Turkey since the Islamists started flowing into Syria – they’re Sunnis, determined to help overthrow a Shia government.

An extremist group linked to Al Qaeda routed Syrian rebel fighters and seized control of a gateway town near Syria’s northern border with Turkey on Wednesday, posting snipers on rooftops, erecting checkpoints and imposing a curfew on the local population . . .

Its seizure is likely to alarm Syria’s neighbors. Turkey, which has vocally supported the fight against forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and allowed fighters and arms to flow freely across its southern border, now faces a bold al Qaeda affiliate. . . 

In recent months, jihadist groups have isolated local populations by imposing strict Islamic codes, carrying out public executions and clashing with rebel groups.

Lebanon is expressing some worry too.

Here’s what I heard today

I heard Glenn Beck today. I’ve never listened to his radio show for more than two-three minutes at a stretch, but I do stop by periodically to measure the crazy.

Let me set the stage for his amazing claim today: an element of the theology of Shia Islam is that, like many religions, they await a sort of ‘messiah’, known as the Twelfth Iman. Okay, ordinary religious stuff – the theology is of course deep and complex, but it’s pretty much about a messiah. (Perhaps blogfriend umersultan can flesh this out for us.)

So, Beck. I tuned in and found out he’s making a documentary – and he’s going to show his viewers how remarkably the Twelfth Imam sounds exactly like the dreaded anti-Christ.

We shouldn’t let this man anywhere near a microphone.