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It’s even a good morning in Las Vegas

I found last year’s Sen. John Ensign sex scandal puzzling. (We have so many of  these – sigh.) The mystery was how could Nevada elect to the US Senate a guy who was still such a Mama/Papa’s boy? He gets in trouble and turns to his parents – his parents! – to bail him out by buying off the mistress and her husband.

Now, according to LasVegasNOW.com,  the local US Attorney and the FBI are in Las Vegas, spreading subpoenas;  according to the AP, a grand jury has been convened. They’re interested in much more than the sex angle. They’re focusing on Ensign’s own ethical violations, quite a few of which appear to be illegal.

In the more consequential world, there’s a real chance that Ayad Allawi might win the election in Iraq. This would be terrific news. He’s secular and his coalition is majority secular. If he fails, if Malaki is re-elected, Iran wins. Malaki is a partisan Shia and is building a deep relationship with Shia Iran.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the story is all about drones and suicide bombs and whether the Pakistani military is serious about taking down the Taliban.

It’s yet to be seen whether this is good or bad news for our troops in Afghanistan, where it is the 160th day of the ninth year of the War. And here is a stunning picture: it’s in Afghanistan, northwest of Kabul, looking toward the ancient Silk Road. More pictures, The Year in Afghanistan, can be found here.