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Poor Glenn, it’s really not that scary

The real Weathermen - 1969

As usual, Glenn Beck has been terrifying his viewers and listeners (and who the hell are these people?*)  with tales of the ‘enemy’. You know the drill:

  • Be afraid of Communists (okay, but dude, there really aren’t many of those left outside of China).
  • Be afraid of progressives, liberals, democrats – i.e., anyone who believes differently than you or, said another way, the majority of this country who voted the democrats into office.
  • Be very afraid of anyone who speaks of  ‘social justice’. (calling Jesus!)

and now, be very afraid of two 1960’s radical groups who pretty much dissolved well over 40 years ago:

  • SDS (Students for A Democratic Society) dissolved itself in 1969 after less than a decade.
  • Then in 1969, The Weathermen (also known as The Weather Underground) took up the banner. They shut down in 1977.

Glenn – they’re phantoms. They’re not there any more. Ringo is 70 and the SDS students are grandparents.

* Maybe his audience tunes in for the entertainment value. That might explain his numbers. Gee, if advertisers realized that he was only performing, the ‘market’ might consider supporting him with dollars)