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Ahhhh . . . a new funny

In case Donald Trump!, Trump!, Trump! backs out, there will at least be this:

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown told the Herald he is looking at a possible 2016 presidential bid today as he hit a well-worn stomping ground for Oval Office hopefuls – the Iowa State Fair.“I want to get an indication of whether there’s even an interest, in Massachusetts and throughout the country, if there’s room for a bi-partisan problem solver,” said Brown, who has been meeting with top Republicans nationally and last week hosted a Fenway event for Republican National Committee members. Brown indicated he isn’t close to deciding whether he will run. “It’s 2013, I think it’s premature, but I am curious. There’s a lot of good name recognition in the Dakotas and here – that’s pretty good.”

Warren vs Romney

Is this worth thinking about? How does a 2012 Democratic challenger to Republican Senator Scott Brown do in Massachusetts if that state’s former governor is the presidential candidate? Could the ‘favorite son’ gene bring the Republican ticket there all  the way home?

We need Elizabeth Warren in the Senate. We haven’t had a real consumer advocate around since Ralph Nader (who lost me when he gave the Presidency to George W. Bush in 2000).

Give her money.

Mrs. Brown, you’ve got a lovely daughter

And a very naughty husband. According to The Washington Post tonight:

The Senate voted Monday to advance a $15 billion jobs-creation measure, giving Democrats a key victory as they seek to reverse their declining political fortunes by emphasizing legislation to boost the economy. The chamber is now poised to pass the measure later this week.

Guess who one of those five Republicans was . . . Who? Louder,  I can’t hear you! Who?

Yup. The spanking new Senator from Masaschusetts, Mr. Scott Brown. Take that Mitch McConnell.

Friday Night Oldies

But first, gotta share this I just picked up at Daily Kos. F

[Brown’s] prior visits to Washington, he explained, were mostly to watch his daughter Ayla, a college basketball player, play against American University, or to visit the monuments “as a tourist.”

“I’m a history buff,” he said. “I love the Museum of Natural History.”   — Sen.-elect Scott Brown (R-MA), as quoted by the Washington Post.

And now on to Friday night

What a difference a day makes

Now I know how Jon Stewart feels when the week he takes as vacation turns out also to be the week that Elvis comes back.

A few observations:

SCOTT BROWN – has a decided Princess Diana quality about him. Even tilts his head sheepishly to the side. Most engaging. The guy starts with real star power.

TIMOTHY GEITHNER – on The News Hour last week facing a not altogether friendly Judy Woodruff. Tim looks like a cross between Spock and Warf. Half Vulcan, half Klingon. It’s all in the eyebrows and forehead.